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I'm going to Vegas!! (in a couple of months)

I don't want to spend a week gambling my life away. [send money, NOW]

Now I've already found a company that rents Jeeps. WOO HOO!! I was wondering if any of the local people have any pointers for a visitor. I'm not looking for any major attractions. I doubt that a rental company wants me doing much with their Jeep. But if you could point me into a spot that I would normally miss..... please suggest...... Right now I'm just planning on running into the desert, lay down in the hot sun, and wait for the buzzards......

Thanks in advance.....

IN2DEEP 78 CJ5 302 FORD T176/D300 35" BFGS
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ORC's office is in Vegas, why not contact them to see if they have any suggestions?

ORC Land Use Section Editor
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I have heard that a lot of places that rent Jeeps take out the front drive shaft. You might want to check that out.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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