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VW Rear-suspension mods?

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I was wondering who makes a good rear suspension mods for vw's? Like beefier trailing arms or anything really. Can anyone give me some info on this? Thanks in advance!

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I am not sure if anyone makes beefier stock arms, but they do sell aftermarket boxing and tubing kits. seems to work very well, I built my own tubing kit, and I should have bent them by now. Look in the long run tho, are any mods ging to take place later where you should purchase longer wider arms? (they require longer axles) but you get more lift and wheel travel.


Who needs foot brakes, when there is WOT and steer brakes.
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I got a catalog from Sway-Away that has stuff like that. I think it's
I'm new to buggys to so I don't have much info to offer yet.

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