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Virus Warning

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Be on the lookout for a e-mail called "Pretty Park", this is a worm virus that attaches to your e-mail and sends it out to everyone in your address book.
My brother got it this afternoon and it infected several of his friends that were in his address book.
Just be on the lookout and if you see it on your e-mail then just delete it without opening it.

Figured that I would let you guys know about this.


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Thanks for the heads up!/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif
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Here's the fix....

(1) Click start

(2) Click run

(3) Type in regedit

(4) Click the find features under "edit" in the registry editor

(5) Find: FILES32.VXD

(6) Double click on the word "default"

(7) Remove: FILES 32.VXD.

Do not remove the rest of that line which on my computer is "%1"%* (Only take out files32.vxd. Don't delete the rest of the line. Deletion works here just like it does on a word processor.)

(8) Click okay

(9) Reboot your PC

(10) Click start

(11) Find: windows\system\files32.vxd by finding files named files32.vxd. Files32.vxd is all that you need to type. Make sure you are only looking for the files where your Windows files are which would ordinarily be on the C drive. Click "file" up at the top and then click delete.

(12) Delete: windows\system\files32.vxd. It would be a good idea to update any McAfee virus scanner that you have since they only put the update to delete this file on the Internet very recently and it is likely we will all get it again in the future.

(13) Delete any email that has the "prettypark.exe" file in it. You may have more than one since this going around everywhere and is the number 1 virus alert on the McAfee Web site.

Good Jeepin'

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Is there ANYTHING this BBS can't fix?

/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gifJust Empty Every Pocket/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif
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how about my empty pockets? LOL
By the way here is a url about "Pretty Park"
also here is the main url to find out what is real and what is fake in the worm/virus world
That's just what I wanted to see! I have Norton 5.0 so I'm going to get the update now....

Does Anyone know if this is just a Microsoft mail thing, or will it affect Fox mail and Netscape too?

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