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I have a 85-cj-7 and had just recently went on a jeep run, which consisted of lots and lots of mud and sand dunes.
Aside from having a fun day, now every time I go to get the jeep rolling in first gear from a standing position, I get I lot of vibration. The other gears seem to be fine. is this a clutch adjustment problem?

sand and mud wows


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Probably not an adjustment problem. You did say lots of mud and sand. Those two, even with a properly geared vehicle can burn
up a clutch. You may have done a little damage to the clutch, on its way out now. The shuddering on moving form a stop is a sign
of uneven initial engagement.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)

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/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif The Jeeper from the FWD center of the universe has it right. The flywheel could use a trip to the shop to be surfaced, and the pressure plate is burnt as well. The clutch disc needs a new one, and the throwout bearing should be renewed. Just one of the little side benefits of using your Jeep for what it was never intended for. After all, it was supposed to have 235 70 R15's or something like that, and be driven in mud a foot deep at the most, and occasionally a trip to the mailbox in snow. /wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif


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Re: vibrations in first gear/another ?

I have a problem with first gear also. When slow down at a light or stop sign I get a grinding noise
that almost sounds like a rrrrrrrrrrrrr sound. I have to put it in neutral and release the clutch to make
it stop. I'm not knowledgeable on how to fix the clutch and noticed that it got worse when I changed
gears (stock to 4.55). What should I do to try and fix this?

BTW it's an 84 with a T5

Thx Lee

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