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ok here we go again i still have a squeak in the lower part of the motor.. how far does this dampner need to go in what is the specs that this thing needs torqued down?? Squaking is driving me nuts it is not a constant squeak it is sparatic it generally get squeaky when the motor warms up and then sounds horrible.. any ideas..
P.s. all belts are off noting attached to the pulleys...
there is a reward for figuring this out .... the 1100 dollars that the ase certified mechinac was supposed to fix...

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You don't say what engine you have, but I have seen many 6 cylinder dampners' outer rings walk into the timing covers, There should be at least 1/16 inch clearance to the cover. I've seen a few 6 cylinder distributor shafts run dry and squeek like a dying rat, replace or disassemble and regrease the shaft in the distributor. You can sometimes pinpoint the area of noise with a 3 ft section of heater hose, listen in one side while carefully placing the other side near suspected areas. Sometimes a noise will sound like it's from one area and actually be from another! Hope this helps, good luck!


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ASE Certification must come in toilet paper rolls these days, because I have yet to see one that knows a lifter from a lug nut...

Motors are electric or air powered...
(INFERNAL combustion engines around here...)

Using a piece of tubing or a steel rod to localize the noise in the engine.
I use a long screwdriver a lot of the time to locate squeaks or rattles...

Have you ran the engine with no belts?
To see if it's a alternator or water pump?

The other guy may be correct about the balancer outer ring.
AMC used a particularly weak balancer, and I have seen several of them with the outer ring slipped.
Look for a rub mark on the timing cover behind the balancer to be sure...

Good luck, Aaron.

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