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The good news is, the Bronco's running great...

I'm having a strange intermitant problem with my 1999 Buick Park Ave though...

Twice last night it started spontaneously. Both times, the key was out of the ignition, it started normally, and after it started when I put the key back in the ignition and turned it to the start position, the starter did not engage.

The first time it happened, I moved the shift lever slightly and it cut off, the second time the shift lever trick didn't work but stepping on the brake shut it off.

Battery voltage is normal, no other abnormalities have appeared, and for the remainder of last night and today it has been fine.

I'm going to go get some wiring diagrams today...

Has anyone encountered anything like this before or have any ideas?

My girlfriend diagnosed it as demon posession, I guess I better hurry up and fix it before they figure out how to get it into drive!!

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ever had keyless start on it?? i knwothat a keyless start will die if you dont have the key in the ignition and you press the brake.

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Hmmm...interesting about the brake cutoff, Burned...

As far as I know there isn't a remote starter, but I'm beginning to think that it's likely.

I bought the car through the "factory certified" program about six months ago...the dealer didn't mention anything about a remote starter and there's nothing on the key-fobs.

But for the vehicle to engage the starter, ignition, and fuel systems by itself would be pretty freaky. Plus, the Pass Key system prevents the fuel system from engaging without the proper transistor in the key...

I'm going to get a hold of the salesperson and see if the service department can confirm the existence of a remote starter on the vehicle...

Meanwhile, I'm going up to the upper penninsula (Michigan) this weekend...I'll probably just disconnect the battery cable...

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