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I've heard some stories about valve covers for inline 258's being crappy. Is this still the fact if I go for a nice chrome Edelbrock valve cover? I don't want any leaks or anything like that, but I've heard some stories around here about leaky new valve covers..

Any ideas?

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It seems most of the stock plastic covers leak really bad and the Clifford aluminum covers tend to suck oil into the air breather thru the PVC hose thingy. However, I put a Clifford cover on my 258 and it did suck a little oil into the breather. I called the factory guys and they told me to either put a longer PVC hose on it or put some sponge rubber type stuff in the hose. I did that and haven't had any more problems. I think there may be some other aluminum covers on the market but I'm not familiar with them. I recommedn the Clifford.

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I'm not aware of Edelbrock making a vcalve cover for the 258. The only two I'm aware of are the above mentioned Clifford, and the 4WD Hardware aluminum cover which I have. I'm really happy with it, and if you follow the link in my signature below to my web page and go to product reviews, you can get my opinion of it.

The plastic valve covers are a real pain in the butt. I never had one that didn't leak on 3 vehicles with 258's that I've owned. After breaking 1 I decided to go with the aluminum.

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