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258 with BBD - the vacuum reservoir which feeds the 3 solenoids on top of the valve cover ( 2 pulse air , 1 Sol-Vac Idle solenoid ) does not seem to be passing any vacuum to the 3 solenoids . As a stop-gap step, I by-passed the vacuum reservoir . Question : how is the vacuum reservoir supposed to behave ? My schematic tells me that the central port hole of the vac reservoir should receive manifold vacuum . My understanding is that there is a one way valve in the vacuum reservoir , yet I do not fully understand the anatomy of the vacumm reservoir . How do you test the functionality of the vacuum resrvoir ? Mine is made of plastic and does not appear to have any holes in it . Since I do not receive any vacuum at the side port of the vacuum reservoir from the vacuum reservoir when I apply vacuum to the central port , is this considered to be a manifold vacuum leak , thus causing a lean condition ?


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The reservoir is just an empty container (there may be a check valve in there - not sure on that - the CJ's didn't have one). If you apply vacuum to one port and don't get it on the other, one of three things is wrong: Either it's got a hole in it (causing a leak) or one of the ports is plugged (can't imagine how something would get in there, but anything's possible/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif) or the check valve (if it has one) is broken.
If everything's working with it bypassed, you just need to find another vacuum conister.

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