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Hello all, I have a ? on my 1986 5.8 motor. The moter seems a little jumpy (rough) lately. I went to set the timing and had a tough time reading the marks. So I looked around and connected a hand vacuum pump to vacuum advane to the distributer and noticed that it did not hold vacuum!! Is the unit hard to replace, do I just pull out the whole unit (dist) and replace whats bad (diaphgram). Thanks

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You don't need to pull the distributor.

There'll be 2 screws holding the vacuum advance to the distributor housing.
There's also a very small c-clip on the inside.
Pop the cap, pull the rotor, and you'll see where the clip is.
I use a magnetic screwdriver to pop the clip off.
That way, it won't drop down where you don't want it to.

New (stock type) vacuum advance is ~$20 from you favorite parts store.
If you can get one that's adjustable, ~$30, go for it.
Then you get to do more playing around to "dial" the advance in.

Here's a related thread.

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Thank you very much !! I will look for the adjustable one. Thanks for the link, the picture is worth a thousand words to me.
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