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Almost completed with my 4.0 head and mpi swap from a 95 cherokee onto my 89 wrangler. Can anyone tell me where to pick up a constant vac. for my front axel. I have 3 sources on my intake one is going to the map sensor, one to the break booster, and one for the pcv system. Any suggestions as to which one to use. Thanks.

89 YJ 4.2, AX15, Procomp 4" Lift, MSD6a, and just gerttin started......

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Isn't there one in the front around the line going to the fuel pressure regulator? I would not tap into the brake booster or the MAP lines. There should more fittings on the manifold someplace. I had to relocate the air charge temp sensor to clear my brake booster. I think there are some plugged sources in that area.

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