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I have an 84 k-cab 4x4 and i was contimplating a major revamp of the complete drive train. Here are the idea`s that i have:
302 ford or 350 small block chevy w/transmission and transfer case to match.
1 ton axles shortened front and rear to match stock width of the nissan.
leaf springs up front vise the ifs.
i like the maneuverability of the small truck but crave the power and durability of the big truck, but I do not want to sacrafice the maneuverability of the small truck. if anyone has input regarding the ins and out of such a project please reply. I know the one thing that will certainly be mentioned first is the cost of such a project. i have already eliminated that issue due to the fact that I am an ase certified auto tech and a welder by trade.
any input is appreciated but lets please keep it on the subject of the nissan chevy/ford conversion.


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by swapping the front suspension to leaf spring you will avoid the problem of too much weight for the IFS, you will however have to
at bracing the frame to avoid stress fractures from the extra weight and power of the V8. You should alos be able to fit a V8 into the
engine compartement but I would recomend using a ford product if you have a choice for one reason, distributor is on the front and
will not interfere with the firewall in a tight compartement. True you might be able to put a chevy in but I wouldn`t want to work on it for
maintenance. Also with a V8 you probably will not have the room to have a mechanical fan, you will probably have to use an electric
fan, most likely a pusher model. As to the rest of the driveline the tranny and transfer cse might be too big for the tunnel but a simple
body lift would fix that. As for the axles, once they are narrowed and the proper mounts are configured it will be a matter of bolting them

Oh ya, for headders you might want to check out some sort of block huggers for street rods, they are designed for very small spaces.

hope this helps and if you do this project, post some pictures


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I you go with 1 ton axles you might not want to cut them down to Nissan spec. lengths, reason being is that the Chevy/Ford rotor assemblies are larger than the Nissan. I'm am in the process of throwing a Ford 9" in the rear from an early bronco, but I decided instead to use a full-size and cut it down so I can use 2 full length shafts instead of 1 long and 1 short. This is just to make things easier and a bit stonger while I save up to get the Warn full-floater kit.
Just my opinion, I know of another guy out my way who did a 5.0L swap in a 720 I'll try to get intouch with him and dig-up some info, and trouble shooting fore ya!
Goog luck and I'd like to see the pic's to?

Chris J.
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Thanks for the info on ford vs chevy. I did plan on reinforcing the frame with extra cross members and but have not put much thought into the header configuration.
I appreciate the info.


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Just wanted to clear things up I was not planning on cutting them to nissan specs just width due to the laws regarding tires out past the fenders. if you could send info concerning the 5.0L swap it would be appreciated.
I will post pictures when complete.


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Sorry John, I was told it was a 5.0L but it turns out that it's just another Chitty-Lay 4.3L V-6, I do have some of the work he did for it on file if your still interested, he also sent me his axle swap info.
Let me know if you want me to send it to you?


Chris J.
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If you love v8s do it
but in my experience there is too much weight and too little torque.
A CHevy or Buick V6--- or even a 3.8 Ford V6 will deliver almost as much low end torque and have
less weight up front. A V8 need more radiator, more springs, heavier gears--- and they are generally
shorter stroke that their V6 cousins. Longer stroke engines have more torque. I had lots of experience with
V8 and V6 powered CJs. The V6 could outperform the V8 most of the time because it was lighter. The only V8s that could
out do a V6 Jeep were the mega monsters, with all the max equipment and custom $$$-- Like Dana 60s front and rear-- air lockers,
38 inch tires and turbo charged engines. I run a Buick V6 and still use the stock Z 2.4 Liter radiator--- with a V8 I would have to have
a big radiator. I first put my V6 in when I had stock IFS suspension and stock tortion bars-- the V6 only weighed 35 pounds more than
the stock 4 banger. A V8 weighs 225 pounds more than that --- and the radiator with coolant an extra 25 pounds--- thats 250 more--
extra springs and shocks-- another 25 pounds----thats 275 pounds more--- heavy axles and tranny and drivelins-- an couple hundred
for 475 pounds--- more gas to burn--- another 25 pounds= 500 pounds heavier rig---- that means you need bigger tires--
thats another extra hundred-- that 600 pounds heavier! With 5-6 hundred pounds more weight the V6 has more power per pound,
unless you go radical and spend the big bucks

Just my religious opinion


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