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V6 vs I6 GH HEI difference. please help identify

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I just came back from a quick used part store visit looking for GM HEI to swap in my 87 yj 258.
I was able to find 2 different versions. I assume one from a V6 and other from I6. Can someone help me identify the right one? Is there anything that I have to look for or avoid?
BTW, does anybody sell this conversion ready to swap including the right gear, cables, wires etc? Being so popular this should already be available somewhere!!! Please let me know......

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My 86 XJ has the Chevy 2.8L V-6 engine with the HEI iginition. The only unusual thing about it is that, unlike most GM HEI distributors, the coil is separate from the cap and is mounted on top of the passenger valve cover. Hope this helps.

Try partsmike I think he might have it.
There are two versions of the GM HEI I6 distributor. One external coil, the other an internal coil. The internal coil version has a ground wire to the coil, other then that they are identical. I am running an external coil from an 86 Astro on mine and a dist cap and rotor from a 75 292 CID truck.

Of course I am running fuel injection in closed loop mode, but that is another story.


Randy Joyner
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