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Using my break between classes wisely, Pretty pics

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I was having a bad day today and we had just gotten a couple inches of snow, i had 2 hours between classes and it was too nice to sit in side and do nothing so i called up a a buddy, hopped in the god ole ford and headed to the woods (maybe 10 min from campus). Here's some picutres from our adventure, they were all taken out side of Marquette MI

A view across the road to the local ski hill

That's lake Superior in the Distance

Even Jack Osborne Makes Appearances in da UP

The Faithful Ford, it even looks ½ way decent

A good ole up "trail"

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If it gonna be cold ya just as well have snow
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Cool, looks like you had fun! Snow is always prettiest when it's hanging on the trees like that!

We've got snow now as well. In fact, this weekend, a fellow co-worker and I are doing a retrival on a Chevy Nova that is down a river course--using the CJ5 to bring it out to the highway. I usually don't play in the snow much with the Jeep, so it should be a bunch of fun!
We dont see that much snow here in 3 years ! It looks like it would be a fun ski hill short but steep ? Do they have a web site to check out ? Thanks for the picks
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Even Jack Osborne Makes Appearances in da UP

[/ QUOTE ]
Very funny Andy. And from that pic it would be hard to tell.......other than he lost a good bit of weight.
Looks like fun and was very pretty.
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This snow is just the tip of the ice burg, i think this is the 2nd or 3rd time it's stuck so far, they are calling for sun and 40's this weekend and rain the start of next week so i'm guessing i'll be seeing grass atleast once more before the winter. I havn't been up here for a winter but the snow is suposed to get waste to nipple deep and stay till march or april.

The ski hill in the back ground is It's the midwest and our skiing isn't great but it's 10 min. away from campus so i can't complain, they have already opend the terrain park but the lifts arn't open yet, walking up hill all day doesn't seem like fun to me.

No problem on the pics, my wheeling rig is down so these "trails" are about all i do any more. I only used 4 low to come down from the high spot, you could do most of this in a mini van when it's dry. It was just so nice out today i had to get out into the woods, it was mesmorizing.

Nice to know he has his nose constantly in the books! Actually, though, even the Ford looks good in that setting.
Life is so quiet this year!!!!!

Re: Using my break between classes wisely, Pretty

Poor Andy, even his mom dissin' his truck on the internet...
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