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DId I just read you right,,, You are bashing Hobart that is made with Miller parts in a Miller Factory???

I can't buy cheap tools, I started out in an industrial machine shop and everything I buy I try to use like I used it there which means I come in smiling with this great buy I just made on this tool, and 3 minutes later I am trying to cram it back in the box thinking I may be able to use that for filler in a welding project some day.

Heck I tear up good tolls let alone the crap you can buy from china... I do have a good China made drill press I bought brand new at the auction for 15,oo some day I am gonna have to unbox it,,, but not until I find a project that I can use the parts on.

And Yes I bought a Hobart Mig and have had no problems with it that were caused by the equiptment. No I do not concider it a chepo tool.
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