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As usual CJDave - Good Post!!

I really like your ability to downplay the loss of manufactureing jobs here in the good ol USA. I will just add a little bit of wisdom gained from many years of tool purchasing and use. Be careful of the inexpensive name brand tools also. They in all likely hood will need to be "blueprinted" just like the china junk. Good chance it is just cheap asian manufacturing in someone elses packaging.

I have learned to stay away from any and all stuff like that. It may work during the "lets play with it and learn how to use it stage", but always seems to fail when the "BIG" project is in the critical get it done stage. Second, they are usually inferior for doing the job. A good case in point is drill presses. Think about WHY you are buying the tool. I purchased a drill press for the ability to do precision drilling #1, and production work #2 and third being able to handle materials/jobs a hand drill would not work on. I first purchased a cheap name brand drill press. Chuck accuracy (for lack of a better term) sucked. Changing bits, table heights, angles, adjustments in general were dificult. It was not true, so to be accurate on my work, I needed to adjust carefully before each job. Needless to say I don't have it any more.

I have been burned many times by "tools" that in their simplest jobs were succesful, but when the going got tough/technical/out of the ordinary, I was always let down. Then I reverted to purchasing a good tool and loosing my investment in the poor tool.

Yes, my tools are an investment.
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