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Using a World Class T-5 in my Jeep

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I just got my Advance Adapters book in the mail and I'm alittle confused on the WC T-5 swap. Has any one done this swap that can give me some advice? Am I stuck buying a $400 shaft? I want a 5-speed in my Jeep, the NV4500 is alittle out of my price range and budget, and since I planned on using a Ford 302 V8, I might as well stick with the WC T-5's. For the rebuild I only plan on the motor making 200-225 HP so it's not going to be a HP machine. Is it possible to take the parts that I need from a Jeep T-5 and fit them to the WC T-5 and make it able to withstand V8 power. I don't do rock climbing, or no major offroading. Just street use and beach use. Would a newer model Jeep T-5 handle my V8 power? Just exploring my options. Thanks

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I have a T-5 out of an 86 CJ-7 with about 46,000 miles on it that I am selling for 350.00. I am not sure what if anything can be beefed up on it, but its alot cheaper than the one from AA.

ok.. from what i can remember. the difference between the wc t-5 and a t-5 is the output shaft. and that is the part that you need to change to get it to work. so it will so only be as strong as a t-5. i do KNOW that i have personaly seen a newer t-5, was an 84, run behind a built 304 pushing around 300-350 horses, and i will say one thing. he went thru more u-joints than anyone i have ever seen. but that t-5 is still there. just go with a t-5. way easier and cheaper. but why so much on the 5 speed? do you have the gears already? i like building around my drivetrain ie.. engine and tranny.. then get what works with them. just asking...

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I bought a WC T-5 from AA after spending alot of time considering the alternatives.I spent $1500 for it, and of course it bolted right it. You can also get a World Class T-4 for $250 less, but I am gonna wind up with 4.27 gears in my 84 CJ-7 so I wanted the OD.
The WC T-5 was originally designed for Mustangs with 5.0 litre engines, as a matter of fact, Jegs sells them in their catalog also.They are considerably improved over non-WC trannies with better syncros, bearing upgrades and most importantly, better oiling to the 3rd gear cluster, which is the biggest problem in stock T-4, T-5's.
You won't get the awesome low ratio 1st gear of a NV4500, but you also won't need to modify driveshafts, and mess with adapters. Pricewise, there's not another 5 speed you get get for anywhere near the price. The WC T-5 may not be as bullet-proof as the NV4500, but you could probably have 2 for the cost of a NV4500 installation.

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or you can use a t-5.. since you are not going extreme off road.. and for 1500 bucks.. you could lets say... i dont know you look crazy.. buy 4 t-5's and still have cash for a keg... to help you change them when and if they break.

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