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Using 3/4 ton springs on a 1/2 ton

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Ok, I have a 94 king cab silverado 1/2 ton 2wd that I want to swap in a rear diff and springs out of a 94 3/4 ton. I just got a 22' pro-line center console and need to increase the towing ability of my truck since there is nothing wrong with it.

a) Can these be directly exchanged or is there a difference in hangars?
b) any drive shaft differences?
c) does it matter if the rearend and springs come out of a 4wd or does it have to be 2wd?
d) what is an easier way to get my truck to more comfortably tow the boat?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I want to keep this truck at least another year before I get a new one.

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I will answer your questions in the order you asked them

1-Yeah the 3/4ton axle will bolt right onto your truck and the hangers and shackle will work and you won't have to moce the spring perches because the 3/4ton frame is the same width as the 1/2ton.

2-Your drive shaft will be the same but you need a special U-Joint because you have a 1/2ton drive shaft and a 3/4ton diff.

3-Yes it makes a difference if its off a 4x4. The main reason being that your front wheels on your 2wd truck are 5-lug and the 4x4 axle will be 6-lug or posibly 8 lug. Seeing you are going to have to get different rims for the rear anyway with the swap I would try to get a 14Bolt Full Floater which is off a heavy 2500. They come on the 1tons but you would have to move the spring pearches. THe 14boltFF's are also easy to come by, as stong as hell and really cheap (I just picked one up for $150) where ass the 14boltSF are weaker and more expensive.

4-I would say that if you want a comfortable ride but still have a truck that can pull some weight....I would keep the 1/2ton springs and throw a set of air bags over them. This way you can air them up while towing and still beable to get the stock ride out of them when its not loaded.

Good luck...Ryan

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