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Just recently , the Forest Service Blew up "Gate Keeper" into a now gravel road, because they said the wheelers were cauing too much erosion and were driving up over and around everything being every thing to death, so I think in December they .....Boom blew it up !

They also Blew up "Little Sluice" , because too many folks like to congregate there on the weekends. Some days there's 250 folks up on " Heckler's " Rock and the Forest service deemed it getting too dangerous...

The rubicon ofcourse has changed , from when I first started going over 20 years ago.....We used to go and there would be nobody except you and another truck or jeep or maybe a few rigs, every one respected God's Beauty and majesty of the Scenery there, packed out their trash, and had a genrally good time ..........Now it's normally a out and out Cluster**** , especially on the weekends. You wouldn't catch me up there on a weekend for anything !!! All the Amateurs and idiots go there then. during the week , like a tuesday and wednesday are quieter.

Ofcourse they had closed Spider Lake for the umpteenth time, recently , because we all thought it was beacuse of the Trash and human excrement , that "people" , I say that loosely, leave around the lake......but it is in fact , this time because of they've found West Nile Virus up there ! ( but that may be a ploy to keep the Yahoo's away as well )

Ofcourse time repeats itself again , We all had a good thing and with in the last 5 years , the Rubicon has been ruined .......people always seem to take advantage of a good thing until the government has to Regulate their actions and it makes it crappy for the rest of us. Maybe in time the 'Con will return to the old trail it used to be...Only time will tell !!!
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