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I have four well used Interco Super Swampers. I'm thinking of selling them and I need to know current pricing.

The tires are 36x12.50-15LTs mounted on slightly rusted 10x15JJ steel wheels. Their 4 PLY nylon, max load is "D" or 2,820lbs. 46psi is max. These tires have what is called a TSL or Three Stage Lug.

These tires are weathered and hardened and in my opinion are good for low speed off-roading only. The previous owner, however, used them on-road. He got them out of a junk yard!

The Swampers don't leak and have about 3/8ths-1/2in tread left.

I'm new to off-roading and so any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I agree, tell ya what, I'll take them off your hands for $5 apiece plus shipping. I will take a personal check, money order, or Pay Pal
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