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Even though my jeep doesn't run yet, I am still thinking about building up my roll cage. I am thinking of buying up some old cages and just using the pre bent angles and extra piping to come up with my own full cage.

How much should I be willing to pay for a used cage out of a , CJ, YJ, TJ?
I am assuming that this route will be less expensive materials wise... I hope.

4.2 w/(4.0 head & MPI) (jeep is down need a new head)
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Here in Wichita ks the local 4x4 shop wanted $100 for a cj floor mount roll bar. I got lucky and a friend gave me his old cage. I cut it up like you mention and used it for the passenger portion of my cage. I bought a front hoop and 4 spreaders for the front portion. Worked out great and cost less than $150.



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