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Urgent Action Required-Omnibus Federal Land Grab Bill Number S. 22 will close 26 million acres or maybe more to multiple use on BLM lands as well as designate over 2 million acres of Wilderness. Unbelievably in a rare Sunday session the Senate voted to skip any debate and have a vote this week on this huge bill. After the final Senate vote this bill may be forced on a fast track vote in Congress. It is extremely important that you take action now to help defeat this bad bill.

-----Please call your Congressman as well as your Senators. They must be deluged with calls now at (202) 224-3121. To find the name of your Senator & Congressman just enter your zip code at Rapid Response Center - BlueRibbon Coalition They must know in no uncertain terms that rural America opposes this massive Wilderness and land grab bill.

Here are five things you should ask them when you call your Congressman & Senator:

Ask them how they are going to vote on the Omnibus Land Grab Act S.22

Urge your Senator to oppose the Omnibus Land Grab Act S.22

Urge your Congressman to oppose the Omnibus Land Grab Act under whatever new bill number they give it
Also ask them to oppose all Omnibus Bills that put a bunch of bills together because that is bad legislation. Each bill should be considered individually, but S.22 contains over 150 different bills.
That you will hold them accountable if they vote for this huge bad bill

Even though S 22 is likely to pass the Senate, it is important your Senator hear from you. Your calls are important not only to try to defeat S 22, but for future bills like it.

-----Please call your Senators and Congressmen immediately.

You must let your Senators and Congressman know you will hold them responsible for their vote on S 22. This is the largest land grab in 20 years. They must know they will be held accountable.
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