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URGENT:Model 20 Problems

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I am trying to get my hub off my rear axle and the stupid thing just refuses to come off. I have one of those 5 ton pullers with the 3 arms, I am have wrenched it on there as hard as a can but it just doesnt seem like the hub is going to come off. Is there some type of trick to this or what? the puller itself has already drilled itself into my shaft. The hub has started to come out but it doesnt seem like I can get it all the way out...anyway any help and tips would be appreciated..I would like to get this thing off tommorow so I can bring the shaft back to portland with me.

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You will probably need to put it in a press. I bet the keyway is jamming. Try tightening it back up then use the puller again. When i did my brother in laws we had to use a press. One other thing while you have them out just put one piece axles in. If you dont want to put the one piece axles in make sure you torque the hubs to 400 ft lbs.

Can someone please bring me a hammer my 33's just ate my fender again. Damn i need more lift.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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