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URGENT help needed

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Ok Im rewiring my 258 ignition for the "Nutter Bypass" The ignition module has two plugs, one of them has a green and a yellow wire coming out of it. Where do these wires go? Also the other plug has four wires in it. One of them goes onto the dash, where to?

1987 YJ Laredo
Rylan D.
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Never worked on a 258 but on my 88YJ: green goes to the tach and yellow goes to the ignition. Not sure about the other plug??

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I'm not sure without looking at a scematic, but I think that your ignition module probably has the green or yellow gromit and has spark retard. I probably goes to the computer. I would suggest replacing the module with the blue one and wiring it as TeamRush had posted. His method is much better for eliminating the computer than the Nutter by-pass.

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