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This Friday, May 4, the Bush Administration is scheduled to report to
U.S. District Court Judge Edward Lodge in Boise, Idaho on its review of
the Clinton Roadless Area Rule.

As you already know, anti-access activists are pulling out all stops to
make this a costly decision for the new administration. In addition to
TV, radio and print ads, they held a press event this week with
congressional members calling on the president to leave the rule intact.

But the national pro-access movement has not been idle during this
time. An alliance of like-minded national and regional organizations
opposed to the Roadless rule have united our opposition to this rule in order
to make our combined efforts more powerful. We still can't match the
sheer volume of dollars the opponents of public access can spend, but
with your help we can still prevail!

The previously mentioned Pro-Access Alliance has created a unified pro
access message that we hope will be sent today by thousands of
supporters, to President Bus, Agriculture Secretary Veneman and Congress. In
just a few easy clicks of your mouse, you can be a part of this vital

Please go to:

And let President Bush know that you oppose the Roadless rule. Please
remember, emails must be sent today (Thursday, May 3, 2001).

Thanks for your prompt action on this important matter.
This is an easier version without even needing to use the URL above. Please go to the three following links and use them to send each person/group an email. Thank you very much for the few minutes this takes. It has to be done on May 3, 2001, or the effort is wasted... Thank you again.

Click here to send an email to Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman

Click here to send an email to President Bush and V.P. Cheney

Click here to send an email to Congress

Tim "Sandman"

ORC Land Use columnist:
My February article on ORC
(I'm finally back)
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