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Updates at Pacific Northwest Full-Size 4x4's

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Updates at Pacific Northwest Full-Size 4x4\'s

Just wanted to touch basis with everyone and let you know of things going on. We had our first Washington meeting in Lacey. It was a great turnout and good food.They already have runs planned for Tahuya and Reiters, so do not miss it.

Our Eastern/Southern Oregon chapter is in full swing and promises to stomp both of us in attendance. Meeting is the 21st at 1-3:30pm in Eugene

Our play area is just about ready for play. Putting some final touches on the 50 acres. We will have 2 mud bogs, a mud drag strip, and a rock crawling area for the first gathering on the 28th.

We are still having open enrollment and slowly our Dodge members are outnumbering the Fords soon Chevy's will not have a chance as members from here and dodgetrucks join.

We are at 190 members now and expect to be at 300 by the end of this month.

Any of you get Mud-Fest 2004 tickets? Well they are sold out and a few members will be there.

We are now Nationwide with our Club with chapters forming even in Georgia. Our next focus though is Canada.

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