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well as some of you no my 92 chevy used to be a deisel after the old 6.2 gave up the ghost i installed a junkyard 350tbi FI got everthing 4 700$ thought it was a good deal tell the motor spun a rod before i got it out of the shop. so the only other motor i had was a motor i had Jeff at mairon performance of memhis build me when i was running outlaw prostock only thing i had to change was the rods and pistons had alumiunum rods with 12 to 1 popups so i installed hyptec pistons on chevy powder rods left the callies crank in it. anyways put the junkyard tbi heads on it installed a 454 fuel pump when i did the change over and just happen to find a 454 tbi too so i ported out my intake installed ran it that way 4 about 6 months ran fine had litlle bit of hastion from too much fuel not enough flow but i was going to leave it like that tell it got hot on me 1 day Opps heres a pic of the head gasket on just 1 side it blowed on 5 cylinders yes 5!

warped the heads so here i was again only heads i had laying around are a set of 462 hump heads that jeff at marion also built 4 me few years ago 64cc hav 202.196 ex vavles cnc ported and polished to the max screw instuds, triple vavle springs with 12 degree keepers 1.6 roller rocker arms here a pic of them .old warped head in middle

going to up my comprison a bit and i hope take care of the hestaion i had becuz to much fuel. pic of the block aint that baked on paint in the valley the shiznets

heres shot of heads on motor. i will post more later when i get the roller rocker arms on an push rods set

also picked up the used headers off ebay 4 20$ Score!! even has the o2 sensor hole

i will let yall no how it runs few days wont have time tommrow .my ten year annvsiory and the day after that there going to induce my wife so my second boy will born on st patricks day Green Beer UMMMMMM!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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