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My '92 FI Samurai has a very annoying problem. When the samurai is idling, the idle speed alternates between fast and slow. It does this constantly and sounds terrible
vroom Vrooom VROOOOM (or something like that...)
It makes no difference if it is cold, or has been running all day.

Any suggestions on what to look at...timing, plugs, ...?


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Here's what was said in a recent thread.

EFI surging

"There is a plate with three screws on the front passenger side of the throttle body. Remove these three screws and the plate---(Make sure the engine is not
running or it will speed up a whole lot when the plate comes off.)

There is a washer inside of the hole. It has three little bumps on it as I recall. Take a flat screwdriver and spin this threaded washer clockwise about one
half turn. Replace the cover and the screws and start her up. If it still surges, do same procedure again. Mine took a full turn."

The part being adjusted is the TPS Throttle Pos Sensor.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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