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Is anuone else having front dana 30 unit bearing troubles???

I just had one all but come apart on me. Actualy amazed that it did not separate. So today I take off for a drive and feel a bit of a shudder. So when I get home I jack it up and toe driver side unit bearing went out. it is minor right now,, but I don't want it to get major before I replace it. Both units were changed about 1 year ago, had one go bad last month and the part was still under waranty. When I took it apart bearings were missing out of it and the entire wheel could moove in and out 1/2 inch. The day before it did not have any play in it.

I am going to check the drivers side tomorow and decide what to do. I am Driving to Toms this weekend for some wheeling and do not want to get stuck.

The parts are parts master. I know I am putting them together right, I followed the FSM and honestly there is nothing to it... Any Ideas??
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