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I too have been bitten by the bug so I would like to trade/sell my M-883 Dodge for a Mog.There has been $12,000
spent over the past 18 months restoring the 77 Dodge.Every major component is new and upgraded.Spare original motor,t-case,front axle,gasket sets,military tires/wheels come with it.It has a 5.5" lift,3" body-2 1/2" spring kit ,32" tires,300 hp crate eng,alum intake,headers,4bbl, custom built 727 with cooler, 140 amp alt, dual batteries,new grounds and wirings.Engine primary wiring is weld cable.Custom interior,new seals and gaskets.If I keep my foot out of it I get 14mpg.While towing a Unimog radio box back from GA,I got 10 to 12mpg.Lots more if interested let me know.

For the Radio Box for camping its only 5' tall,but you can get a pop up top off a VW Camper Bus and it fits real nice for more head room.
Best Regards,RR
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