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1957 UNIMOG 411 110 Diesel. It does not run and hasn't in more than ten years. It is a convertible. I do not have the canvas top or the frame for it. It is locked in gear. It defineately a project but has lots of good parts. Price is $1800 FIRM. Will help load on to your trailer using my tractor. Contact: [email protected] or (281) 316-0755 (Tim)

The floor has rust holes. The hood looks great. The bed is missing. The drivetrain is intact. The clutch or tranny is stuck. Some of the sheetmetal pieces are still good. The battery box is shot, might take measurements off of it if your careful. the seat frames and seat bottoms are there, the p.t.o. shafts's have been removed but are there,fuel tank there (no cap), fan has some broken blade tips (can be heliarced or a complete new one cast(let me know if there is any interest, I might cast them)). The non-slip pieces that bolt to the front wheels are there, as is a spare tire (shot). I have a list of the Serial #s I found:

Dailmer-Benz 1957 TYpe Unimog 411 110
ID Plate :
Tranny : 1320101600-00
Block : 25K56
PTO : 132010
: 1048-00
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