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Uncommon Chemicals

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I was wondering what kind of things you guys use whether in the shop or on your vehicles that are used for purposes uncommon to what they are known for. I am thinking of two I use regularly with great results. The first is pledge, I have used this on all vehicles that have decent paint on them already. After I wash it I spray it lightly with pledge (dry the vehicle first) and wipe it off. It keeps the dust off the vehicle and washes much easier too. The second I discovered just recently when I tried to solve my "white" soft top windows. I looked on my shelves and saw some black magic tire wet. I applied it to the windows using a clean rag. The windows although scratched came out really well. Since then I have done it two or three times and it seems to have held up well.

Do you guys have any other uncommon chemical uses?
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We use a product called aluminun bright to clean and get the corrosion off the offshore tool boxes we have here.. ......On my old truck I had real bad water spots on all the windows.

Put on a pair of rubber gloves(you need that with this stuff) and dip a rag in aluminun bright and wipe (do not rub hard,no need to ) the whole window with it.

Will turn the window a cloudy color,let sit a minute, wipe off dry and your water spots are gone
DO NOT do this to the front windshield for some reason it stay cloudy and will not clear up,(How do I know this ??) Side and rear windows come out very clear just like new glass
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