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Uncommon Chemicals

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I was wondering what kind of things you guys use whether in the shop or on your vehicles that are used for purposes uncommon to what they are known for. I am thinking of two I use regularly with great results. The first is pledge, I have used this on all vehicles that have decent paint on them already. After I wash it I spray it lightly with pledge (dry the vehicle first) and wipe it off. It keeps the dust off the vehicle and washes much easier too. The second I discovered just recently when I tried to solve my "white" soft top windows. I looked on my shelves and saw some black magic tire wet. I applied it to the windows using a clean rag. The windows although scratched came out really well. Since then I have done it two or three times and it seems to have held up well.

Do you guys have any other uncommon chemical uses?
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Pledge is a light wax, so it'll work well on paint. Problem is, it costs a fair bit more than regular car wax.

Speaking of Pledge, I've heard from Chevy dealers that they use it to get the scratches out of the plastic windows on Trackers. Have yet to try it myself, however.

I was a detailer for awhile @ a Toyota dealer... I survived on 3 things:

1) Engine degreaser. We used a CarBrite product called HotStuff. Its a non-solvent engine degreaser that works well. All the service techs used it for brake dust and clean wheels. I also used it for paint (just don't let it dry, or do it in the sun!), inside rocker panels, and for floor mats! Spray it on, pressure wash it, and used the heavy duty vacuum on the shop shampooer to suck up the water. Hanging them to air dry also worked.

2) Window cleaner. (Windex also works). We used a aerosol foaming glass cleaner, but any glass cleaner will work on ALL interior vinyl and plastic. Cleans FAR better than anything from ArmorAll, and DOES NOT harm it, despite the ammonia content.

3) Tire dress. As described above, I used a cloth that was slightly dampened in tire shine to make vinyl and plastic trim on the outside AND inside of cars shine! I would go over a dash in the stuff, let it sit for a bit, and it would SHINE with no harmful effects or residue!

Aside from that, i've also heard that auto tranny fluid makes a good engine flush. Use as you would regular engine flush that's added to oil.... the detergents (apparently) work wonders, and costs half of what regular engine flush bottles do. Of course, there's still the debate of exactly how good it is to flush your engine oil system.....

Using something for a purpose OTHER than intended is a religon for anyone who's ever watched the Red Green Show!
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