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PerJ, you're in a different world (literally)./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif How's the weather?

Fuel (as opposed to gas) is $1.45 a gallon for low, and about $0.10 each grade above that. Diesel has come down from $2.20 to $1.89 (wooohooooo, break out the Oreos!). And summer? In a place called Winter Harbor do you think it's EVER summer?

As a side note, my older brother and I used to discuss an alternate method of getting the vehicles out of the woods when the engine quit. The best method we came up with (this was awhile ago, like 15-20 years), was to mount a sprocket on the front or rear axle (or driveshafts) with a Briggs motor attached, (kinda like the Rokon Trailblazers or my favorite, the Hodoka Wombat). The chain would be left off and installed when needed, tensioned by a motorcycle tensioner. Using different size sprockets would help increase the torque. Hey, it'd get you home. How come I can remember that but I can't remember what we were drinking at the time...

'81 CJ-8 Scrambled!
GM151/SM465/NP205 twinstick/7" Lift/33" Swampers/Scout II D44's F&R 4.10's & Lockrights
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