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This is unreal, a real victory!


United Four Wheel Drive Associations, the nation's leading representative of
four wheel
drive enthusiasts, has compelled the Federal Government to sign a settlement
prohibiting the US Forest Service from categorically closing roads or using
the term
"unroaded" in establishing roadless areas for Wilderness designation.

"Under the terms of the settlement agreement the Forest Service is banned
from using the
Road Moratorium to close a single mile of road", stated Carla Boucher,
author of the
agreement and nationally recognized attorney for United. "United obtained
evidence that
many, if not all, of the national forests were using the Temporary Road
Moratorium to
create de facto wilderness areas as part of forest planning", stated
Boucher, who
predicted in early 1998 that this was the plan of the Forest Service all
along. "This
agreement prevents the creation of de facto wilderness, protecting nearly
347,000 miles of
access for motorized recreationists", remarked Boucher.

ORC Land Use Section Editor
Get involved or lose it all, the choice is yours!
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Someone buy that gal a beer! Way to go, Carla!!! Keep up the good work!


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OMG- We won something! The feeling is so new I just can't describe it. Now if we can only get ahold of those people tossing their beer bottles on the ground around here...! I dont mind them dumping yard waste, or anything non-poisonous and combustible in my local 4WD park since it makes finding kindling, etc, that much easier, but there is no reason for the bottles to be all over the place! Hey I found that Thornbirds burn really well for a real LONG time, much longer than Ground-Hogs, Firestone, Brigdestone, and BFG anyways....

does this count for National Parks/Forest service, roads/trails...up in new hampshire, the white mountain national forest has a lot of good trails, but they're all blocked off...anyone know anything about this???

I just spoke with Carla Boucher to get an idea about what this all means. I'll have an article in the LandUse section concerning the agreement no later than Wed., maybe tomorrow.

ORC Land Use Section Editor
Get involved or lose it all, the choice is yours!
Re: (White Mountain National Forest) UFWDA WON, WE WON!

This will not have any effect on the current status of Motorized recreation in the White Mountain National Forest. The forest is currently undergoing a plan revision and there has been a pretty strong effort by wheelers in New England to be included in the management plan. The NOI was recently published in the Federal Register, I have read the summary NOI and it mentions a number of times how "summer" OHV use will be considered for inclusion in the management alternatives.

This is all well and good, but the AMC, and its friends are going to come out in force against _any_ inclusion of OHV access to the Whites. So, if you are interested in riding in WMNF (currently there are NO legal OHV trails in the forest) then I urge you to get involved.


to read the NOI. I would also encourage you to contact the WMNF and get on the mailing list so you get the proposed plan revision documents and can submit comments.

Jim O'Brien
[email protected]
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