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U Joint Removal

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Ok..I decided with the tub off to inspect the ujoints and found the one at the transfer case end *front drive shaft* to have the needle bearings gone. I took the drive shaft off but am having problems getting the ujoint out. The caps seem to be sealed in there pretty hard. I have never replaced one of these before. What is the easiest way to get them out. I have a small vice if that helps. Do the caps push out the ends??? Thanks...


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You are right, the caps do press out. I take a small socket (about the same diameter as the cap) to push the cap through the yoke. You put a larger socket on the other side for the opposite cap to side into (the purpose of this one is to support the driveshaft yoke ear while pressing the cap and body of the ujoint out of the yoke). In a perfect world you would set this up on a press, or in a vice big enough to fit everything; I usually use a BFH and hit it as hard and as squarely as possible. Just try to be careful of the yoke ears; you do not want to bend them. I've yet to not be able to remove one with a hammer and two sockets, but some can be pretty stubborn.


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