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u-joint question

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I just replaced the rear u-joint on my 83 CJ-7...with the straps tightened all the way to the yoke, the BEARING CAPS are still able to slide back and forth about 1/16 of an inch either way...

I got this u-joint from NAPA, and they insist it the right
one. Is this play normal or am I gonna need a bigger U-joint?


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Somethings wrong!

You would expect the parts guys to know what thay are talking about but they seldom do. Some times the wrong part is in the right box.
Measure your old joint and compare it to the new one. If they're the same exactly then the problem is your installation.
Good luck
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I've since disposed of my old u-joint, so measurement is out of the question...

I've installed u-joints many times before with no issues...the play is relativly minimal, I thought it to be negligible. I figured I'd check with you guys first...before driveline damage ensues!

spicer makes two diffrent sizes along with the factory there is a 3.5 and a 3.785, when i replaced my pinion yoke i ran into this. try the larger u-joint , good luck
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