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I got a Currie twin-stick shifter for my DANA 300. I have a T-176 tranny. This combination uses one boot for both the tranny stick and the t-case stick. I bought the universal boot for the twin-stick, but am reluctant to cut up my T-176 cover to make it work. I am holding off installing the twin-stick until I find a better solution or you guys convince me to break out the scissors.


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Youy should be able to find a decent looking aftermarket shifter boot for the tranny at any auto parts store. You could also go scroungin' through junkyards and find something you like out of another type of vehicle. I've got lots of cool little stuff I've gotten out of scrap yards. The only problem is I bought it because it looked cool but now have nothing to do with it. Anybody want a shifter handle for an Eaton 15 speed trans? (I was thinking I'd use it to control F&R air lockers)

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