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Twin Shifter boot

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Anyone know where i can get a twin shifter boot?

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Before I answer your question, I have one of my own .. what is a Yellow Ford YJ? Do you have pictures and stories about it?

To answer your question, have you tried or some of the other sites? I think I remember a twin-stick boot there ..


Vance - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1985 4x4 S-10 and 1988 Jeep YJ
Cool Thanks, is your yellowyj a stock color? don't see to many of them.
I'm always looking...
So far rebuilt my 258. it has a weber, HEI, headers into a flow master and has on board air (york)
Just put in a NP435 tranny. with a NP205 transfer (homemade twin shifter)
I have 1978 FS F150 axles. 9" rear with 4:56's and a Detroit. The front is a (retubed with straight tubes) rev. cut 44 also with Detriot.
It has a SOA with old Mam Emu springs and a rear 3/4 elliptcal set up and a 1" body lift (to help fit the tranny) i guess the reason i now call it my fordYj, is because, other than my engine (which will some day be a 302) ford is whole drive train... here's my web page the picture where im over a tracker, is the most resent pic. last summer before the front axle went in and the tranny and t/c
Ok, now your turn, any pictures?

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I see a twin stick boot thats used on the Currie twin shift convertion for
Dana 300's advertized in 4wd magazines.They're about $20.

(That's what I was told my Samurai resembles)/wwwthreads_images/icons/mad.gif
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I thought I recognized you. We met a couple years ago on the "Whales Back" in Bethel on the OJME run.

Let me know if you have any luck with the twin boots, I've been looking but can't find one that works well with the extra throw of the NP205, especially with a body lift.

'81 CJ-8 Scrambled!
GM151/SM465/NP205 twinstick/7" Lift/33" Swampers/REP 8000/RS 9000's/IHC Scout II D44's F&R 4.10's & Lockrights
Nice jeep,
I seem to be moving in the Ford direction too.
8.8 Rear axle 4.56, Detroit, factory cisc brakes(95 explorer)
NP435 Tranny
Building a D44 front with F150 hubs ,rotors and brakes,
considering a 5.0 SVO motor swap this winter.
Hey 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers has a universal twin stick boot for about $20
Heres a pic of my 89 YJ

89 Wrangler
If at first you dont succeed, your replacement will try and try again.


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Hey i told you we met before...I was also at the pig roast in bethal too last year.
I just ordered the currie twin shifter boot, not sure how it will work...I'll let you know

jeff, nice fordyj :) keep up the work!

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