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Turn signal

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Can anyone help me. I broke off my turn signal. Can I replace the switch or do I have to replace the column? Can anyone give me any ideas, it is broke off all the way inside the column. No signal, no wipers, no bright and dim.....can anyone help?

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You'll have to start by pulling your steering wheel and finding out exactly what broke. You shouldn't have to replace the column by any means. Not much help but its a start.

take the column apart.. should just need a new arm.. wont need a new column

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if its a GM saginaw column ( wranglers/Cj/Xj/FSJ) then alot of times just an oversized self tapping screw will get it back togeter.

the indicator switch is about $20, and youll need a lockplate compressor, an dpossibly a steering wheel puller, both you can borrow at your local AutoZone/Oreillys parts store

its aggrevating, bbut really a simple procedure

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Worst case....

I have a 73 Hilux Toy that the turn signal assembly went south on. Since I could not find the exact part for cheap, I decided on wiring up a 50 amp three way toggle switch. Works fine to this day. However, I would use this as a LAST resort....too cheesy for a nice vehicle....but it does work....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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