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The t-400 is having a hard time shifting into reverse and it looks as though a rebuild might be in order.First of all , my flex plate has a small crack,so I may have a hard time finding a replacement.

My question is, are ALL t-400`s the same as far as the insides are concerned?Less the different output shafts.What I am looking into, is getting an AMC bolt patterned t-400 transmission that may have had a Quadratrack behind it, and just changing out the rear output shaft with the one from my stock t-400.I`m not even sure if the bolt pattern is the same for the adapter to the t-case d-20. Anyone have any experience with this?The motor is the 258.



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Drayson, I went through part of this with my buddy's Scrambler, the guy you bought the D44 from. We found out the reason for the flex plate cracking was that the transmission was not bolted square to the block like we thought. It was loose and moved every time he gassed the motor. I think he bought the flex plate at NAPA. Call me one night this week I may have some other info for you.

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The guts from one TH-400 will fit inside another TH-400. Over the years, there have been many minor changes in parts, resulting in improvements or savings on production cost. The cases were designed for specific applications. Some have adapters available to fit on other engines, some don't. The tailshaft assy should be the same on all cases and accept any TH-400 adapter designed for the xfer being used.

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