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Since I finish my first year of college soon and start earning some cash again (woo-hoo!), I've been thinking how to best invest in my CJ. I know it's different for everybody, but I'd like some general advice. Some background info to help: It's a '77 CJ7 w/ the 258 (roughly 88,000 miles) attached to the T-150/wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif mated to a Dana 20 x-fer case. I've got an AMC 20 out back and the Dana 30 up front. (All stock stuff) I did a frame-off rebuild in '97, but I didnt go through the mechanicals at all (engine, tranny, xfer case, axles) due to cost and time issues./wwwthreads_images/icons/mad.gif I will probably only be driving "her" as my daily driver for another year or two before I send it back to the family cabin. My goal is to cheaply try to get a little better gas mileage, increase reliability and power, and take care of any maintenance issues. Since it is my daily driver it can't be out of service more than a long weekend at the most.

I am planning on finally changing the diff fluid and tranny fluid since God knows when that was done last. The oil and filter was changed about 4 times last year alone due to an oil filter crack situation, but I think I'll do it again this spring.

What other cheap and easy to moderate difficulty work should I do? The engine runs a kind of rough, but I can't rationalize doing a rebuild or anything that expensive. Are there any good techniques to restoring performance or milking more power from them? I'm really leaning towards doing the "Rush Ignition Upgrade." I did some searching of the archives but I couldn't find Aaron's original directions for the upgrade. If somebody could hook me up with that info it would be greatly appreciated./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

The salvage yards around here look more like a large rust pile of crap than anything else, and have very few CJ's since the road salt ate most of them by 1990. -Good parts are pretty scarce. Any South-Eastern MI Jeepers know of good places to get parts?

This got more lengthy than I intended, but the more info I present to you the better you can help. TIA for all help and ideas. Attached is a pic(that would be a friend, Matt, humping the spare/wwwthreads_images/icons/shocked.gif) and you can see that it looks pretty good; I just want it to run a little better.

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You have a '77, that means you have the prestolite distributor.
You will need a Motorcraft distributor for the TEAMRush upgrade....
(or some other dependable magnetic pickup distributor)

(How did that get shortened to Rush anyway? It's supposed to be all one word...)

Someone just brought the orignal posting up on the parts, and Here is a wiring diagram... (See Attachment)

Let me know directly if you have any problems I can help with.
[email protected]

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