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Tuffy console

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Well after owning a jeep for years it finally happened, some jerk finally got in my jeep while I was at work. Lucky for me some of my co-workers caught him, but not until he had trashed my jeep inside and ripped out my $25 stereo. Never kept much in it but just the fact that some $#$^%&^ broke in and went though my stuff. OK enough on that the question is how hard is it to install a tuffy console and is it worth the money?

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they are not that hard to install. they are a little spendy and dont ever lose the keys(or key number). you will be using a torch to get into it if you do.

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I have a tuffy center console, and recently a side weld split. I sent it back to tuffy after 5 years, and they covered it under warranty. Complete new powdercoat and key system. It's a great product.

If someone wants to, they can get into it, too... Also, stereo's tend to overheat with the top off, at +100 degrees... I've burnt out 2 head units. This can be avoided by adding an amp, and keeping your volume at less than 2/3's of max...

Sorry 'bout the break in!

Did your co -workers beat the living $hit out of him? arrested? age?

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Got one in my 86 CJ7 and I love it. Sure gives you some piece of mind. It installs with 4 bolts through the floor. I installed it in a
friends driveway in less than 1/2 hour. I say go for it.

Definately worth it. I have my detachable face in the dash and the CD changer in my Tuffy (not the stereo version). Shortly after getting it, someone tried to pry open the box with a screw driver is a Wal-Mart parking lot. I found the screw driver on the ground next to the Jeep bent into a "U" shape and the edge of the lid was bent up ever so slightly. I tapped it back flat with a hammer and if I have this problem again I'll just weld a metal "strap" around the box under the edge to keep anyone from being able to slide anything up in there again.

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Yeah, tuffy's rule. Sure, they are a little steep, but how much will you pay to fix what the jerk did stealing your cheap stereo? I've had mine for years now, and it's never given me a problem. Out of sight, out of mind. Installation is easy. I've never had a problem with overheating the stereo. I've got a kenwood in it, and it cranks nice, even with the top off. The tuffy is fairly waterproof too, for those times you get caught in a rainstorm. Plus, it's got a lot of room for tapes, CDs, camera, the winch remote control, a small radio and your wallet and stuff for when you're at the beach, etc. Plus, you don't need to spend the extra $ on a detachable face stereo. I think most are now, though, my kenwood's not, but it's a good 4 years old now or so.

I've been ripped off before, in other vehicles in my younger days, and it sukks bad, so I know how you feel too. Now I've got a good simple motion alarm, with an ignition cutout, and a tuffy. I've never had a problem.

Good luck

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Get one. I've had mine for about five years and even though the Washington D.C. crackheads (no, not the old mayor!) have stolen stuff out of my Jeep, they never even try to get into the Tuffy. I am planning on getting the fenderwell storage boxes after Christmas, and for a little extra, you can have them keyed to match your existing console.

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