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Tuffy Console and CD player

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I'm buying a Tuffy console and a CD player in about a week here and I wanted to know if anyone had any experience in which type of CD player has a good enough transport mechanism to take being mounted at an angle like in the front of a Tuffy console. Also looking at the removable sound wedges behind the rollbar... do they rattle or are they secure pretty good???
Just trying to make my music louder than the sound of the 33" Thornbirds.. /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif



1994 YJ Sahara
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Hey Steve,

Panasonic is now making a CD player that is being marketed as as "Off Road Unit". It is supposedly supose to have up to 10 second of "Memory" and is guarenteed not to skip while wheeling. I have never heard anyone using these but there ad is pretty impressive. Check it out.


Kevin Speicher
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I had a Panasonic that had the anti-skip. The best CD player I've ever owned. Never, ever skipped, even off road! Had 45wattsx4. 10sec anti-skip memory. Two pre-amp outputs. Detachable face. It even got wet and still worked. Some @$#%*&@ thief relieved me of it several months ago. I have looked for the exact same player, but I've been told that Panasonic doesn't make 'em anymore. Panasonic and Pioneer have the best shock protection. Kenwood and Sony, not so good. I hear Blaupunkt makes good players, but have yet to own one.

94YJ w/SOA, 4:11, BFG 33's and a /wwwthreads_images/icons/shocked.gif4-banger
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