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I just replaced my T-4 which was frozen in first gear with a T-5 ('cause it was cheap). My question is: is there supposed to be a gasket between the T-5 and the D-300 transfer case? When I removed the old transmission there was no gasket or sealant, etc. After I replaced it (no gasket or sealant) there are a few drops of transmission fluid on the trans skid plate, nothing major but just want to know if I missed something. BTW, my rig is a 82 Scrambler w/258.


1982 CJ-8 Scrambler, 258, T-5, D300, 31x10.5, basically stock

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a gasket or sealent isn't needed, but i usually do just because. (fretting-corrosion)
the tranny to tcase adaptor (and 5th gear housing) has a hole drilled into it,(or a groove at the mating surface) if fluid is coming out, it most likely is the seal thats installed into the t-5 tail housing adaptor, it goes over the dana 300 input once together.

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