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I have a 1983 CJ7/258/T-999. Will a 42RE or AW4 automatic transmission work in my CJ7? I want an overdrive and my T-999 doesn't feel like it's going to last much longer. I do a lot of highway driving and the fuel mileage is killing me. I would prefer a manual transmission, but that seems like a lot of $$$ to swap. What would I need to swap my auto for a T-5? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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your looking at tons of work either way.... the easiest way to put a t-5 in would be to find someone who has one they'll sell(me), then get the entire pedal assembly (i have one) and i would suggest the really nifty aftermarket clutch linkage with heim joints in it. the hole needs to be cut in the floor, and you could get a new steering column if the auto handle annoys you.
no 4 speed auto will go in easily.. but a TF 727 from an early 80's might be an ok swap.. it is stronger, and you can get"lock-up" converters for them.. this will lower your rpm about 200-300 rpm on the highway.. you could also get bigger tires..

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
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