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transmission swap 3spd to SM465 ???

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I have 3 spd with Dana 18 xfercase in my 70 CJ5. Since I have SM465 w/205 mated is it good idea to swap from 3spd w/dana18 to SM465 w/205. If so
how much of a trouble to swap-out, any modifications?

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dana 18 in 70? you sure its not a dana20? if it is an 18 you will have to change the rearend as the diff will be offset to match up to the 18 t-case. if its a 20 then you will not have that problem. you will probably need to modify both driveshafts for length and u-joints as the 205 is a large case and probably has larger yokes than your jeep. you may have to modify the clutch linkage, what engine do you plan to use on this? a small block chev will bolt on but the stock engine will require an adapter of some sort. you would probably have an easier time putting in a t-18 from a stock jeep application, and after the cost of adapting it might come out cheaper as well.

You didn't mention which engine you have. Presumably, you have the Buick 225 V6 and not the Willys F-Head I4. Anyway, the
easiest swap for the 225 and the Dana 18 would be a SM420 since the 420 has the same input bearing retainer size as the stock
Buick bell housing. You need to buy the $adapter$ for the 420 to the Dana 18.

I would guess the 465/205 combo will be too long for a CJ-5, get out the tape measure. Plus you'll have to get the bell housing
machined to fit the large 465 input bearing retainer.

The other option is get a CJ T-18 or T-98. You'll probably need to get the input bearing retainer machined down to GM size.
You should have a standard BOP/BOC bell housing now and the 3spd trans should have an adapter on it.

Terry L. Howe
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Have buddy that has the SM465 and Dana 300 in his CJ7, what a sweet set up!
It is a giant tranny. Like someone said, may be too long for the 5.

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