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Transmission question

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I picked up a 87 ranger ext. cab at a repo auction for a couple hundred. It is the 2.9, 5sp, 4x4. In first gear the tranny wants to pop out, other than that it shifts great and runs fine. Just wanted to check if it was possible that it is a cheap fix or if maybe I have a chunk of gear missing. Thanks for any input.
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might even be somthing simple, for a change :grin- check to see if the little detente spring is broken / missing. its supposed to hold it in the gear. if its not that, the 1st gear synchro is most likley worn out...probably easiest to replace the tranny with another cheap used one, if thats the case. ( mondo work, but shouldnt be too'll give you an excuse to do the clutch if it eeds it, too.)

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