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Transmission \"issues\"

Ok here's the stats
1. 94 YJ, 4.0L, 5speed (NV231)
2. Stock gearing in both axles
3. T-case dropped about 2 inches from lift

Problem: The clutch slipped a little on me today when in second gear. Understandable that the clutch could be going out after 10 years. When I did the lift and dropped the T-case I noticed second gear was a tight fit (for lack of a better word). I listened to some of my ******* buddies who told me that was fine and wouldn't cause problems. Now that I'm older and wiser I know I should have done the SYE.

I've read several opinions that the 231 is a strong tranny. It's held up great in the last 2 years other than it pops out of second some times when cold. I'm wondering if I did any damage to the tranny!?! If so how do I tell? I'd swap the clutch and do a visual on the inside of the tranny but I live in Germany so I have to rent garage time and can't run to the parts store for much.

My idea is to swap clutch/pressure plate/throwout bearing, and do the SYE to get rid of the T-case drop and the slip yoke. Will this work after having it dropped? My only expierence with tranny work is swapping a clutch in my Yugo while I was in high school(Don't laugh! I was 16 and I paid for it!

Thanks for reading this drawn out thing

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Re: Transmission \"issues\"

If by "tight fit" you mean that the shift lever was maybe not fully engaging second gear, you might have caused some transmission damage, but probably not severe. The most obvious point would be the shift fork and the slot on the synchro drum that it rides in. That's because the shift fork could have been holding a pressure against the drum, which could cause unusual wear.

The other problem would be worn engagement dogs on the synchro drum and the gear it engages, but if it doesn't frequently pop out of gear it's probably OK.

If you can remove the cover on the floor, and the transmission top plate, you can examine those parts without taking the box out of the Jeep. I don't know anything specific about the NV231, so I don't know if that's possible.

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Re: Transmission \"issues\"

In reply to:

I've read several opinions that the 231 is a strong tranny.

[/ QUOTE ]

The NV231 is the transfer case. Your transmission behind the 4.0L is the AX-15.
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