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trans/transfer interchange??

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I have a 1977 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 350engine NP435 trans, 205 case. My trans and transfer are going south on me and I'm contemplating my options. I have a spare 208 case, but I'd lose the durability of the 205 and have to change driveshafts, and still need transm. repairs... My real question is that I have access to a 79 Ford bronco parts truck, 351M-435 trans, 205 trans- will the FORD and Chevy trans/transfers interchange if I use my bellhousing? The mounts look the same, but I can't find any info to tell me yes or no.
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I could be wrong, but i have never heard of a NP 435 in a chevy truck, only SM465's. What characteristics are they giving you that you think they are going out? If you do indeed have a NP 435 transmission I don' know if your spare tranny will swap in or not, but the t-case from the ford definitely will not since it would have a left side 4x4 drop.
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