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i have an 87 YJ with a 258, 5 speed, and NP231. I would like to swap the peugeot trans for a t5 or a t4 trans but would like to know what i will need to make the swap work and what truck can i get it from other than a jeep? Thanks in advance


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ok.. for starters.. you wont be able to bolt up the 231 to it.. probably could get an adapter for some big bucks.. but the t-5/4 bolts to a dana 300.. and that has the front drive output on the passenger side.. vise the drivers side like the 231 has.. which means to run the d300,t-5 you would also need a new front axle.. and then that leads to a differnt bolt pattern.. which means you might as well get a new rear axle.. to match the bolt pattern..
all in all.. unless you want to do alot.. stick with the ax15.. but there might be something i have missed.. im not up all the way on wranglers...

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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